Stop Credit & Defaulters Charges


General Information

Increase in Administrative Charges for members on Stop Credit & Defaulter Lists.

The Club currently imposes an Administrative Charge of RM50 on members who have been placed on the Stop Credit and Defaulter Lists. In addition, a member placed on the Defaulter List for the first time 6 required to Increase his refundable deposit to RM1,000. If the same member is posted as a Defaulter subsequently, his deposit will be increased to RM2,000.

An analysis of Accounts Receivables data forme period from January-December 2019 shows the following monthly average:

  1. Monthly stop credit lids: 61
  2. Posted as Defaulters :10
  3. Membership terminated :4

The Finance Department faces challenges to recover and called the outstanding amounts due to the Club, depicts the high instances of stop credit, defaulting accounts and ceased membership for 2019.