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With an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences, we take pride in announcing that our family of members has grown to an impressive count of over 19,000, and the numbers continue to rise.

President Message


• Gaspar Gnanamuthu

Dear Members,
Double the wishes, double the joy and double the prosperity – A Happy New Year 2024 and Xin Nian Kuai Le and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Members celebrating the Chinese New Year. May the dragon-enthused year bring good fortune and memorable moments to our members and the Club in 2024!

The Club embraced the New Year with a fresh look and vibrant changes. Gone is the old logo seen on the building as you drive down into the parking bays. There is now a brand new, bright and illuminated signage in its place. The logo at the Club entrance also went from dull and boring to a bright LED lighting. Small changes, but it lights up the entire Club at night, which brings about a touch of excitement and positivity.

The Club is investing in the maintenance and improvement of its facilities. The replacement of the tennis turf at the four artificial grass courts is a positive step towards ensuring a better playing experience for our members. Although there is the expected inconvenience, the end result will likely be well worth the wait.
Members’ patience and understanding are crucial during such upgrades and the General Committee wishes everyone an enjoyable and enhanced tennis experience once the replacement is completed in March 2024.
I thank all the 126 members who took their time off to attend the Town Hall Meeting on 14 January 2024.
Their views and suggestions are highly appreciated. Following the Town Hall Meeting, the General Committee is actively responding to members feedback and initiating various improvements projects, which will include the following:

  • Modernizing the Children’s Swimming Pool which will include re-tiling and adding a few interesting water-features.
  • Repairing and waterproofing the Multi-Purpose Hall roof, and upgrading the Changing Rooms
    which will contribute to an improved ambience and facilities for members.
  • Upgrading and improvements to washrooms all around the Club, including the Men’s and Ladies
    Changing Rooms as well as the Boy’s Changing Room. The Club will also look into updating the
    Diapers Changing Room too.
  • Additionally, the focus is also on the upgrading of the Club Management System. A web-based system with mobile applications will greatly enhance the efficiency and accessibility of Club operations for our members.

As the Club continues in its business of being a social club, the General Committee is also aware of the various drawbacks to look out for. Of utmost concern is the level of safety and security in the Club.
Members are reminded that they are and will be held responsible over any mishaps and/or misbehavior of their guests. The General Committee is asking our members to exercise due diligence in ensuring their guests behave immaculately. Members are also reminded that they need to sign in their guest in the Register placed at the Reception and make sure your guest leaves the Club premises along with you.
The Club is now asking members to renew their car stickers for year 2024/2025. Do take some time to renew your car stickers at the Reception. If you are applying for the car sticker for a new vehicle, please bring along a copy of the vehicle registration. For existing vehicles already registered previously, you only need to fill out a form at the Reception.

At the basement car-park bays, members would have noticed additional speed breakers. The Club had reports of near-misses which could be detrimental. Do drive slowly and carefully in the basements and park your vehicles properly. Reunion Dinner Menu, CNY Celebrations and a Lion Dance are all in the month of February. Valentine’s Day Dinner is also in the offering. In the fasting month of March, the Club is offering the Early Bird Promotions for the Ifta do check out our notices soon.

Till the next issue, I bid you all – be happy, stay healthy and enjoy the Club.

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